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              Breast Implants and the Document Investigation and Review Team

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists of the Implant Files,  Panama Papers  and West Africa Leaks, wrote,

"I also wanted to tell you that I read your book in its entirety (its sitting next to me on my shelf right now), and it was a huge help to me in understanding the story. Especially when I was first learning about the issue, it was very valuable in teaching me the extensive history of safety problems and secrecy surrounding breast implants, and the effect it had on you and other women who became ill. 
So thank you so much for your work and please know that it played an important role in my reporting!"

   Sasha Chavkin


​​​​​​    "A MUST READ FOR ALL WOMEN"    This breast implant book includes all you need to know about breast implants, implant ingredients in addition to the silicone, toxins, autoimmune disease and much much more. Breast Implants and The D.I.R.T. Committee tells it like it is when it comes to silicone and saline breast implants. Are the new implants improved over the early ones? Plastic surgery for implants may not be the walk in the park that you have been led to believe. 

​"At a time when big corporations drown out the voice of the everyday man and woman, Breast Implants and the D.I.R.T. Committee stands up and shouts on behalf of every woman who has suffered at the hands of the medical device industry that sells harmful products at the expense of woman's health and lives. In an Erin Brockovich sort of way, this book empowers all women and provides them with a voice.
Slick brochures filled with promises of safety, nods of assurance from surgeons, and their own strong desire for better self-esteem were often the last bits of affirmation that thousands of women relied on before making their final decision regarding breast augmentation. Many of them had done their research, and all of the information available to them indicated that the implants were harmless.

Most of the women were very sick before they found out what Dow Corning and now Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP), knew right from the beginning—the implants were not safe.  All breast implants leak and leach through the envelope. Dangerous chemicals are added to the silicone to keep them in a honey like consistency. A ruptured implant is merely a faster introduction of the chemicals to your bio system."

Gail H