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June 13, 2017
Amazing book 

This is the best book ! My 90 yr old father is reading it now, and is amazed ! Thank you for all your hard work in writing this book, Gail ! Everyone needs to have this book ! 


 Sept. 13, 2015

‘Must have’ book for anyone with breast implants Message:

 Gail, your research skills and ability to piece together such deep and longstanding corruption within the breast implant manufacturing industry in such a clear way is incredible; all the while weaving in your own personal story. An amazing accomplishment, I bow down, truly!!

As the key players at the heart of the Dow Corning corruption went on to form other companies which manufacture breast implants – a thinly veiled strategic maneuver intended to disassociate implants from Dow - we see that only the names have changed.

Technology may have changed a little but, to a major manufacturer’s own admission earlier this year, the ‘new safer ones’ are based on the same 60 – 70 year old technology. The tweaks are thought by many to have made them even more dangerous than the old ones.

In support forums I see that women are still suffering terribly from the ‘side effects’ of their ‘new’ implants. They have the same symptoms as those of us who have gone before. These women have been told inaccurately that the ‘new improved’ implants are much better. As you say in your book, ‘All implants leak chemicals. The chemicals must be added to the silicone to keep it soft.’

Your book is absolutely relevant even if one didn't have Dow Corning's. Breast Implants and the Document Investigation and Review Team is an important read for anyone who already has, or is considering, breast implants.

Nancy Pratt, Creator of the 'Celebrate Your Breasts Project'

Dear Gail:                                                                   March 21, 2012 
Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to peek into your life as you lived through an excruciating period of pain, recrimination, doubt and disfigurement. With pink highlighter and red pen in hand i started reading the dirt committee last week. My thoughts were that i would speed read the book and then mark up the slower sections for polishing by you at a later date. In all honesty, i could not lay it down once i had started.
Your book does a great job with the facts involved, while necessary to document your statements as proof facts can be as dry as sand and just as irritating to a reader. However, you have managed to preface the majority of your documentation with statements leading up to the addition of the uncovered document that supports your arguments. This flows and reads well.
  I liked the book very much. You did a great job outlining the doctors, lawyers, researchers, dow dirt team and dow management’s role in the manufacture, sale and cover up of this product. 
Today, with “supplements” of every kind being touted as the savior of our health, no one really knows what they are putting into their bodies – until it is too late. It appears that many health care businesses have lost their moral compass and take the meaning of caveat emptor, buyer beware, to a whole new meaning.
The book was a great read and i will pass it along to my contemporaries with encouragement to buy a copy.
Good luck with your future book sales and its promotion.  -JOE CLARK

KAREN SEWELL        DECEMBER 28, 2011 • 7:07 pm

the book to is so informative and well documented. It tells the story of how the chemical/pharmaceutical companies lie to the public about the results of their research and pre-market tests, in order to sell their products. In particular it exposes the truth about how dow corning lied about the safety of their breast implants. Tens of thousands of women have suffered terrible, debilitating pain and an unbelievable array of serious illnesses (some fatal) when the silicone leaked into their bodies and settled in major organs. This book reveals all, and tells the very poignant story of one woman’s journey through the hell of living with post implant deterioration and leakage. Unfortunately it is an all too common journey and experience for multitudes of women.

SHARON FOREMAN       DECEMBER 12, 2011 • 4:39 pm
this is an incredible read. Gail has gone through so much, being so ill that she almost died. I am so blessed to know her & that she has survived & has written this valuable book. It is shocking to read & i grieved for gail as i read it. If you know anyone that may have had breast implants or is considering them, please tell them to read this book. Women have died & many remain very ill. Thank you, gail for getting the truth out there.

DOREEN MUIR             NOVEMBER 28, 2011 • 2:18 pm
gail has written a heart wrenching story of her struggle to regain good health after silicone breast implants. The story follows her journey from new mother trying to regain her pre-pregnancy figure to her complete lack of energy and chronic pain even after implant removal. Her struggle to find answers from the implant manufacturer only results in frustration and disappointment. This book will be very informative to women with breast implants and anyone considering implants. From the business angle to laboratory practices and sales force maneuvers, this factual story is well told. The book will surely make you think twice before putting any foreign substance into your body.

A. GIBSON                  NOVEMBER 28, 2011 • 2:17 pm
raw and real *****    the d.i.r.t. Committee spells it all out!
We live in a world where big government and business are corrupt; lies and deceit are rewarded. The more corrupt and evil, the better and bigger the reward!
Breast implants ~ a ticking time bomb! Gail doesn’t shy away from the inside of “dow’s shielded information.” Her story will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you journey with her from the inception to the present. As gail digs deeper, you will find dow can’t keep their ideologies straight….nor their lies.
With a writing style that is near flawless, Gail has created a fast-paced and seamless read that is impossible to put down. When it comes to defending something Gail believes in, there isn’t a mountain high enough to stop her!
An amazing tale of one woman’s fierce determination to overcome the odds and fight for what’s right.

PATRICIA DAVIDSON          NOVEMBER 28, 2011 • 2:17 pm
what an amazing story of one woman struggles with being so sick for some unknown reasons until she discovers it was her implants that were leaking. I have known gail for years and remember her being very sick for unknown reasons. This book is a amazing read of one woman who was determined to find out all the answers. Her journey through all of this will grab your heart and hope she finds all the answers she is looking for. Also this book will help so many other women who are sick and looking for answers. This book will answer all of your questions. To all the woman who have suffered this, this book is a must to read!!! PATRICIA DAVIDSON,  CALIFORNIA

ALYSSA                          NOVEMBER 28, 2011 • 2:16 pm
great job Gail!! I have been hoping for a book covering this side of the story. So many women who would have loved to share their stories were silenced with gag orders. You have delivered such a monumental effort by contributing in this way. Thank you so much for getting this information out there.

BEATRICE                          NOVEMBER 28, 2011 • 2:16 pm
I am very grateful for this book. Thousands of women who have been poisoned by the chemicals in breasts implants are not receiving any medical support because the FDA failed to do its job.


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