Page one lit author interview             October 2011 where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

Gail Hamilton:  I grew up in a small city in south western Ontario, Canada. Dick and Jane books were my first readers.
What a thrill it was to me when I learned how to sound out words and after that, read whole sentences. Now I’m teaching my grandson to read and his favorite books are a series called Junie B.

From an early age I took an interest in the daily newspaper and i used to believe everything I read. Now I read several papers from around the world every day to try and get a real sense of what is happening.  I’ve noticed both fox and CNN can report on the same news story and have very different slants to their programs. why do you write?

Gail Hamilton:  genuine informed consent is something women have never had when choosing to have breast implants.  
I wrote my book to give women the drop dead true life reality of what can and does happen to some people after implant surgery. I’d talked to hundreds of sick women in implant support groups all around the world and I had my own story over a time span of 30 years to use as an example. I felt compelled to make sure subsequent generations were well informed before they entered the operating room. Do they really know what they’re buying? The answer to that is a flat out no. explain the title the d.i.r.t. committee: uncovering the dirty truth about breast implants as it relates to the book.

Gail Hamilton:  the document investigation and review team (di.r.t.) was a committee that was formed within the Dow Corporation once they became aware that the FDA would be investigating their silicone breast implant business. There were millions of documents letters and inter office memos to go through and time was short before the paper work had to be released to the FDA. The d.i.r.t. committee did a thorough job trashing incriminating data and it is for this reason that the medical community has been working blindfolded for years while trying to figure out just what is wrong with their young women patients who just happen to also have implants.  

Selected paper work was released, “…’the old joke about the drunk looking for his money under the lamppost because that's 'where the light is' is most relevant in this situation. While chemical-gel plays havoc with the adrenal system and major organs, “the medical community insists on looking under the lamppost for direction, but the light under that lamppost is provided by Dow.” John c. Stauber i love your book cover for the d.i.r.t. committee: uncovering the dirty truth about breast implants -- who is the illustrator?

Gail Hamilton:   this is a bit of a story. I was staying with my sister in Birmingham Alabama when I saw the open mouth with crossed fingers caricature in the local newspaper.

The writing of the book was already underway and i caught my breath when i saw the picture because I’d just written about Dow lying to doctors at a symposium about their research on silicone. The Dow speaker had reported to his colleagues that he’d crossed his fingers when making the erroneous speech.

I contacted artist Paul Lachine through the internet and was surprised to hear that he lives less than a 100 miles from my hometown. Once he found out that i wanted to use his work on my book cover, he sent me a copy of the original art and wished me luck with the project.

The other half of the cover is an illustration i purchased from istock photos. I merged the two images with my photo program and a book cover was born. what are readers saying about the d.i.r.t. committee: uncovering the dirty truth about breast implants?

Gail Hamilton:   I am getting positive feedback from implant support groups thanking me for writing this informative book.

It is these women who are saying, “Why were they re- approved if they would make us sick? No one told us the new implants aren’t all that much different that the old ones. We wish this book had come out sooner!”

I am now doing book signings and talks which are proving to be very popular with women who, if not a person with implants, seem to know someone who is sick or has died from implants. what do you hope to achieve with the d.i.r.t. committee: uncovering the dirty truth about breast implants?

Gail Hamilton:   I want women to have factual, accurate and exact information about the implant product. I want women to know that big industry wants their money at any cost and will do or say anything to get it.

I believe that new smokers finally have the facts in front of them when making that choice. I want women to have that same level of frankness attached to media advertising and ads showing what implants can do to them. Women are in wheelchairs and many have been abandoned by spouses because they can’t live with a chronically sick partner. Bright articulate women are now living on disability pensions because they cannot function in the workplace due to their pain and fatigue. Having the implants removed does not always make the illness better. I want women to know that the very thing that they think will empower them as women can end up destroying them. Self-esteem, awareness and knowledge are the keys.  what was the last book you read?

Gail hamilton:  ah! You’ve got me. I’m reading the third in the series, the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by stieg larsson. what's next?

Gail Hamilton:   water color painting is my passion and I haven’t painted for over year now as I finished up writing the book. Between book promotions you’ll find me at my paint table.